Dedication Wall

We've all experienced the loss of a loved one. As a community, let's come together to share stories of our Fallen Angels. Leave a note or a dedication below and let's never forget those who have touched our lives.


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I couldn't protect you, I am so sorry. You was my family, I can't live without you. I only want to die. I hate everything in my life... in this world, anything won't be allright... I miss you and I love you
You take me to the edge Push me too far Watch me slip away Holding on too hard
Nonno it's going to be 5 years since you passed away and I still think about you like it was the day you passed away. I love you so much and you will always be kept super close to my heart and will always be my go to inspiration.. I love you so much
Eric, not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. Time hasn’t healed shit. You were my moon, you were my light in the dark. I love you...
To my best friend, who nearly fell the deepest she possibly could and still was strong enough to get out of that hell. Thank you for sharing your pain and letting me help. Thank you for not dying.
lena, i'm sorry for not caring enough to make you see life is worth living, not being enough to save you. you will always be one of my dearest people, i would never make it though without you, honey.
I feel HER everyday...SHE all the same...she brings me down and I cant pull away...so here I go again...chasing HER down again...why do I do this?
I missed your blue eyes, I'm so sorry because I couldn't save you; I'm so sorry because I couldn't save a fallen angel...
To all the people we have lost in the past years, you will not be forgotten.
Tell me why does everything that I love get taken away from me?
For Virginia, I'm sorry that we didn't visit more. If only we could have gotten to know you more. I cried myself to sleep the first few days after you died.I still think of you when I hear the song. I wish we could have done something to save you. I couldn't save a fallen angel.
I hate to admit it but I never had any "friends" in my life to dedicate something... I guess it's all my fault.
There where times when I felt like I was a fallen angel but all I needed was to start a Riot
For my former self, Thank you for creating me.
Dedicated to all these people I hurt everyday but I just can't take it back. I can't apologise anymore.
the good life is what i need
For Mary, you are my fallen angel, you will always be.. best part of me.. I love you
She just walked away. Why didn't she tell me...
I'm so sorry I wasn't there when you needed me most. You're always in my heart. I'll never forget how loving of a friend you were.
You will be missed
I love and miss you even if you were never real. I am trying to live up to your expectations every day but it's hard and I fuck up often. Sweetheart, please always be there and try to be proud for me. You are my only strength. My angel.
Lara, I know we weren't really "best friends" but I miss you, and Sara does too... She's lost without you, and she needs you. We all miss you and our school is empty without you. Even tho you're not with us, we'll always remember you. Love, -Dan
I'm loving you so much and I will. Please, don't forget it. To my best friend ever, Ece.
Dear Jack, You're my best friend as a hallucination. Stay with me. Forever...
Take the time just to listen When the voices screaming are much too loud
I always try to be better person. Berry, you mean hella everything to me. I fk up so many times, but I hope that I won't lose your trust and love. I love you
I don't lost someone... Just Something and that is my feelings, my feelings for my friends and family, the only thing do I don't lost is the pain
I'll love you forever honey..
You guys are my inspiration🖤 #stay rock and rollin
I will not die I'll wait here for you ❤
I lost a friend that I met on the internet. She passed away on the 22nd of Oct. I am so glad we met! I love you so much and I miss those daily conversations!
I will love you forever duchess
To my mom, for everything you went through with dad for me and J. I'd give up my existence if it meant you didn't have to suffer at his hands for all those years. I love you, Mom.
To my husband, I know I've messed up and so have you but you are so loved and I need you forever, please stay with me forever. I love you so much
I gave my best until the bitter end...
I'm so sorry for everything I've done. I need your love also if I'm a complete mess
To R, who I only met through Mer's eyes, cause love hits me with every single word about you.
My grandfather was a man I respected and loved a lot but he passed away on 25 may 2015 before I realized I should’ve shown him more of what I’ve felt for him. Rest In Peace!
To anne...I love you and I'm so sorry
Wow it been 5 years already Michael you where my best friend I still blame my self for not being at school that day so I coud say goodbye but I know that I have to live the years you could not love Michael Fleming 2003-2012
To the man who teach me how to be myself when I was little, my loved grandpa. It's been 6 years without you and my life is completely different since then... I miss you everyday.
To my grandfather who taught me everything I can. You left me too soon
I feel like you could have been the only one who would truly understand and care about me. I miss the times we spend together. You were truly an angel.
To my very dear strong mother who sacrified her happiness for ours, I'm sorry I couldn't make you proud, you deserve a better child. I'M SO SORRY!
To my loving, always caring grandma. I am sorry I couldn’t tell you more the last time we talked, but I had no idea that I will soon live without you. Love you forever and always, yours -I. H.
Miss you grandma I wish I could have one last piece of pie with you I love you ❤️
Late at night I can hear the criying..
Only you can save me...
You were my brother, but now all I feel is lost.
Jessica Ann & Lila Marie... I know you are watching over your brothers from heaven even though you never met them here on Earth. I tried... love you... Dad.
You were not only my Uncle but my Best Friend I miss and love you very much, Fly Hiqh my Angel ❤️
My baby girl McKenzie. You were only with us for a short 16 hours but you completely changed my life. Mommy loves you so much and will keep you in my heart forever and always. Until we meet again angel!
Never give up! Achieve your dreams no matter how hard. Break yourself, fight for life, make it full-blooded. You are not alone!
Chris you were my first real love and I will never forget you. These last four years without you have been hell. I wish you knew how loved you were and that you did not leave us here without you. Forever my love.
Here's to three days grace that helped me go through so many downfalls even if it just was through music. My bestfriend and my family who showed love when I think that the world is stripped off of love. Without them, I would've already went to eternal slumber.
vay vay vay
Only myself helped me out in my darkest time. Nobody was there, and nobody is. Probably nobody will. I've watched myself lost and restrained, and I will keep going. 3DG is the best! Without their music I wouldn't make it.
My family, my friend. Frank, you helped me believe in myself when nobody else did. You have gone too soon. I love and miss you dearly.
To My Brother. You were MY person. I Miss You so Much. Every Day. Wish You Were Here.
To my Best friend that went though hell and back with and for me, and helped me with my depression. Thank you
This song popped up in my recommended one day. It was right after a funeral and I instantly fell in love as it reminded me so muCh of my grandpa. Anytime I listen to the song my eyes tear up and I think of him.
This girl, I met 7 years ago, she was going through a really hard time for a while. I helped her lots. One day she admitted to wanting to date me, I told her I felt the same way. We used to be best friends, and we are now a couple and she is so amazing. She is no longer dealing with depression. <
to the only boy i ever loved. seeing your lovely face every day gave me hope in the morning. i will always miss you. not a day passes that i don't think of you and the impact you left on my life. i hope one day we get to meet again, just so i can tell you how much you meant to me. i love you so much
to my brother, the one who's always there for me, though thick and thin. he saved me from suicide 4 years ago, and he's still there for me every single day. i love you more than words can describe.
To the girl I fell in love with 3 years ago... thank for you making my life a joy for as long as you've been in it. Though we are not together I will always be here for you. I love you my fallen angel
Dedication to Chester Bennington, Kurt cobain, and every other artist who is now an angel who made amazing, powerful music. Every artist who is now gone who touched millions of people's hearts, and souls. Those whose words still remain even though their souls are long gone. Rest in Peace
To my bestfriend who thought he was alone and left too soon. I love you dude. I wish you knew how many of us care and love you. Fly high
Fuck Niggers!!! ~ KKK
To mu grandmother, wo recently passed away, I will always love you, thanks for looking after me.
To the ex I once called my best friend: you were a good one while we lasted. You'll always be my best friend in my heart. And I'll always have you to thank for so many wonderful Lessons. For Showing Me I Can Do This. With, Or Without You. Just Watch As I Make It. I'm a warrior.& I WILL win the f
Dedicated to my grandfather who died by a heart attack
A dedication for the friends that I've lost for the drugs and violence. I love and miss you brothers
To All My Haters: Now I'm Nothing Like I Used To Be. I'm Now What None Of You Will Ever Be. Successful. And A Badass. Now Watch As I Continue To Prove You All Wrong. And Not Ever Give Up On My Dreams Of Being Something To Everyone. Watch Me Become My Own Dream Come True, Without You.
Frederick Chopin Best Pianist Ever Rip 1810-1849
Dick's out for Harambe
To that person who disappeared from my life without looking back. I’m still looking after you
A dedication for my sister and brother who have passed away before they could even be brought into this cruel world.
If you've lost someone, and you're trying to forget, don't. Hope. Hope today is better than the last, hope tomorrow holds something great, and hope yesterday hurts less. Take it one day at a time. Do what you can just for today, and for tomorrow.
For my kind godfather, who passed not knowing himself anymore. I'm sorry I didn't visit in the last years of your life but I could not bear to see you like this. You'll always be in my heart.
For a friend always taking care of everyone around but forgetting themselves : care for yourself first, please. Don't fall so fast!
merci à Nell pour avoir écouté three days grace avec moi et merci au groupe pour m'avoir permis un bon nombre de fois de ne pas faire de conneries. vous m'avez donné la sensation de ne plus être seule. merci du fond du coeur. love you all, thanks a lot. ♡
TO Chester Bennington, at long last your battle with your demons is over and I will miss you more than you could know
To all my friends that helped me through hard times and the girl that I became friends with and later fell in love with, even though she doesn't feel the same
I haven't lost anyone to heaven yet, but I'd like to dedicate this to Tara, my one true love. I didn't lose someone who loved me, but you lsot someone who still loves you. Thank you 3DG, you helped me through a very hard time
For Chester Bennington , the man who was there to show me Im not alone in the battle against my demons
To you Jeff. Although I may not have met you, you’re forever in my heart ❤️
Thank you, Three Days Grace for your great work.Your songs are really the best!!!For this almost 4 years you made me feel better.My favorite band!Дмитрий,Украина,2,10,2017
Para mi abuelo, un hombre duro de roer y de corazón enorme sólo como el sol. Te extrañamos, siempre estarás con nosotros.
For those who still fight, and those who couldn't fight any more
To my boy friend Roger
To my grandparents, Chester Bennington, and to my brothers friends thank you for living in this world
We are not alone. And misery shouldn’t loves our company. Let’s be kind for each other.
To Blaide and three days grace, thank you for everything you’ve done for me, you guys have saved my life and I wouldnt Be here if it wasn’t for you, you guys mean the absolute world to me and I’m so glad you’re in my life and giving me a reason to live. I love you both very much
To you vanessa, you left ages ago, but your laughter still remains in my heart 💓
This is for everyone who fighted for their country 💜
Matthew Wayne Fox, an uncle, father && brother. He was ' A Good Man ' , who went to run with the angels.
Jimmy Nichols Husband, dad, and "Pawpaw"
Прабабушка,ты мой ангел,спасибо тебе за всё,очень сильно скучаю по тебе.
If this isn't one of the best things that three days grace have made I really don't know what is. Thank you 3DG for helping us to express our feelings in public.♡
I love you, Dad.
Tatiana mesa me lo mama
When I fall I want you to rise
The End Is Not The Answer
You are my fallen angel and I want to fall with you
Alessia was and will always remain here.
I'm not "A".
Remember I will always love you A❤
Barbara Lardin was here, motherfuckers :v
Barbara Lardin was here, motherfuckers :v
The love that Maria D. felt for me.
Dear grandpa , I know that I was just a kid when you passed away and I'm sorry i didn't come to your funeral , I know you're in a better place now..may your soul rest in peace , I love you and thank you for all the memories.
My grandpa, he let a little girl do the things ment for boys and was there for me when my dad chose not to be and shaped the person I am today. I miss you everyday.
Do you think about everything you've through, you never thought you'd be so depres. All you wandering is it life or death, do you think that there's no one like you?
To my grampy who was the most caring, loving and influential person I've ever known. I miss you.
Thank you to my father who was always by my side, making sure I was always doing my best. I’ll never forget everything you’ve done
To the voice in me, the only child that was left alone, the kid I was and died a few years ago.. Hold on tight pal i'll make you proud! ♡ Thank you Three Days Grace for everything, Thank you Adam Gontier and Thank you Matt Walst
Mom...... I miss you. My heart will never be whole again.
Gregorio te echo de menos, deseo con todas mis fuerzas reencontrarme contigo. TE QUIERO. TU SOBRINA QUE NUNCA TE OLVIDA.LIFE STARTS NOW.
For Chester.
To all those who lost someone very dear to them through suicide ...Stay strong,face your demons and remember you are not alone. Because life starts now
Aunt nancee. I love you. I never had the closure of saying goodbye to you.. I pray to you sometimes in hopes to feel better. I dream about you too. I know you’re in heaven. You didn’t go down without a fight. Gods taking care of you now.
I love you, daddy. You're here in my heart forever. So unfair that you haven't seen grandson. And I won't see you on my wedding day. It's hard. Miss you.
Te extraño tanto. Solo quiero verte algun dia correr por la casa y dormir en mi cama. Te fuiste y no me pude despedir. Te extraño Canela de mi corazon...
I will always remember your voice, RIP legend Cheaster 💔
Erika, tu eras mi ángel caído
This is for all the people who lost their fights. This is for all the people who are still fighting. This is for all the people who are close to losing. This is your sign. Keep fighting and never give up. You'll make it through.
To B Still hope I can save you one day
C'est pour mon amour mort trop tôt depuis je veille sur elle par des moyen non conventionnelle.. L je t'aime
I've lost my hero, he went back to heaven two years ago and I miss him so much... I need to hug you, thanks for everything.♡ Open your wings and fly, I won't let you fall tonight... you're my angel. I love you and I will be always your little capricious girl. See you soon, Grandfather.
This is for my little brother that I never knew. Hope that you're fine wherever you are and sincerely if you were born my life would have been better, with a light in it. Maybe I would never been depressed if you were there supporting me. I miss you.
I wish I knew those people who were suffering alone and ended it.Understand that people do care, even if it doesn't seem like it. Someone will always be there for you. Don't lose your fire, burn for as long as you can. Don't worry if you fall down, I do too. But, you need to get back up and fight
The days will go The time will flow As a pain relief inside of me Before you go Let me thank ya ‘Cause you killed me And you did it perfectly I would rise even If I was on the ground and you standing in front of me We can’t surrender even a gram of love🍀
I'm deeply sorry I couldn't be with you during your last days.I was scared,sad and I left your side. Now I see how selfish that was.Please,I am forever hoping you knew how much I loved you and that I will always love you. Sorry grandma.I am so sorry.
Rip Chester. You and Three Days Grace made music that helped me through high school and still help me through life. I’m sorry that you went through what you did. You are missed by your family, friends, and fans. I promise to make you as proud as I try to make my family.
Dear Chester, thank you for being my guiding voice for the past 15 years. And you will be for the rest of my life. I am so sorry that you felt like this was the only way out. You are missed...
Miss you dad. Know that I don't blame you for stopping radiation. I know you told mom the treatment was worse than the cancer. I miss you but I know I'm you are still around.
To my dog Oscar. He was my best friend since i was a little girl. He was my best friend and my hero. And now is Fallen angel for me. I never forget you.
You were a voice of a generation and a one of a kind vocalist. I picked one of your coolest pictures. RIP Chester 3/20/76--7/20/17
nothing is impossible. Open your eyes, reflect. think about everything. think about the things you'd like to do. find a way to make them work. it may take long, but you'll have more time afterward, to live them. don't just belive in something, work on it. go on and don't stop.
Andy- I’m so sorry you felt you were alone and had no one to talk to. We weren’t best friends, but I know we had some great memories together. The day we found out, we were all so desperate to find out it was just another one of your jokes. From the class of 2018-we love you and miss you💗
This Dedication is to my best friend in the world. She has always been there for me. I believe the end is near, so I decided to write this. I just hope she knows how much I very truly love her.Her depression is getting worse, and I can tell. Please know that I will remember you. I love you Aneesa.
Uncle Bert - I didn't know you to well, but what the family always knew, and know, is that you are the strongest for your family. You didn't had the will to live, but your family did. And you've tried to stay alive for the longest time. We will never forget you, heartfull fallen angel! ~Finn
We needed each other from the start. Now you're gone and I'm lost. I love you.
To the boy of my dreams, who promised to protect me as long as I promised to always have his back. You know who you are. I love you so much.
Ju, I know you want to die, but please, don't! You lost too many people... I'm sorry i'm not there for you... You are the strongest person i know, my sun. You can save souls and help others! Please, shine, don't take your life away from us! The end is not the answer... You worth being happy! -Viks
1972-2010. You sacrificed so much so I'd have a better life. I will always love you dad.
Miss you Mum now and always xx My fallen angel xx
To my aunt, who I never really got to know. You never really showed affection for me, loved me, anything. But I will never forget the day you were hanging from the ceiling, and made the strongest person I know, my dad cry. I want you to know I hope you're okay up there, stay safe, and know I care.
It's been over a year since I lost my best friend, Tyler, to at least three disabilities, including Autism. I was only 12 at the time, and it was my fifth loss since 2010. I'd lost two beloved cats and two grandparents four years in a row before that. I've been through a lot, but it'll get better.
This goes out to everyone who's going through depression right now. Trust me, it gets better eventually, we all wouldn't want you to become a fallen angel
Brandon - I'm sorry, mom. I'm sorry that this happened to you! A disease hit you severely, and you weren't prepared for it. An uncurable one. Huntington's Disease, it was. How could such a rare sickness meet you? Why didn't I take the time to see you? And now that I might have it.. what do I do?
gabe-my dad who left me
Gabe- I love you. I miss you. You were the best thing that had ever happened to me. I'm sorry that I couldn't stay strong for us. I'll live on for the both of us- you mean the world to me, then, and still now. I love you.
Momma, I'm so sorry, mom. I'm sorry for being suicidal and depressed. I'm sorry that I self-harm. Mom I'm sorry and I love you so much. Please try to understand why I'm doing this. It's been so hard and I'm so sorry. I love you. With Love, Your little Jbug
Fallen angel, close your eyes, I won't let you fall tonight
This goes out to everyone who has dealt with suicide in any form. It sucks, man. But it WILL get better. This is coming from a girl who attempted suicide a whopping twelve times. It gets better in the end. So, if it's not better right now, it isn't the end. Stay strong.
To my first ever best friend, you were too young to die of cancer. I never forgot you, even to this day. I hope you're happy up there
Too often I have betrayed. I'm tired of all this. But still, people will believe, because if not, I will believe them and love them, then who?
I lost my grandfather when I was 7. He died on my birthday. Then I was frustrated only by the fact that not be able to celebrate. I do not fully understand what really happened, death meant nothing to me. Only after 11 years, I am aware of his guilt. I'm very ashamed, I'm sorry.
To my dog, Deo..A car killed you when I was 6. Im sorry. You were my best friend. I still miss you, even after all these years. I miss you.. RIP Deo, 2005 - 2006
I've never met somebody who died, but it's felt like it. Miles, Haleigh, Andrew...I miss you all. I've unintentionally hurt you all, but you all hurt me. Miles, your still here, but it feels like your gone. We never talk, but always see each other. I hope you see this, but you never will. Im sorry..
In memory of my Mum, my own fallen angel who will never be forgotten even after so many years. The one person I always think of every time I hear this. 1928- 1991
I loved you Cat, I never had the chance to say that and that is something I have to deal with forever more.
The things you did were never fair to me... I loved you, and you were supposed to love me. But you never did, and now that you've died, I have to live my entire life without hearing my mom say she loves me. But I still love you anyway...
Didn't know anyone personally, but 9/11 is coming up, so I'd like to dedicate this message to all the brave firefighters that were lost trying to save the survivors, this also goes to the innocents that were killed that fateful day..
To my son Anthony that I lost to a car accident . My heart breaks and weeps for u !! I love and miss u everyday !! Rest in peace my angel . Mom
I've lost two people very close to me, people who talked me out of suicide many times. One died March 28,2014 and the other died September 28, 2015. Both were like brothers to me and I hope to be half the man they were one day. David and Travis... Gone but never forgotten.
Lost my Nana when I was 8 to cancer. Now I'm 14, and 4 months ago I lost my Aunt to a stroke. Hope to see then again, one day.
my boy, my cuz, my friend... heroin took you, but i WILL see you again RIP BULLETZ 1972~2009
My (grand)mother was always a fallen angel, but she returned back to heaven now. I love you and I'll never forget you, thank you for everything.
I lost a fallen angel in a car crash in November 2015 and I couldn't see her i am sorry , i miss you so much ! Rest in peace angel love you
To my sugar daddy,i miss the way you fucked me at night,when you put a ball gag in my mouth and rammed my asshole,i miss you
I never knew her, but one of my BFF's other friends committed suicide. If my BFF ever listened to "Fallen Angel" the song would probably remind her of her friend...I'm really sorry for her loss. :( I never knew you, but...RIP Alyssa...
Siempre es duro decir adiós a una mascota cuando te ha dado tanto en los malos momentos por eso prefiero decirte un hasta la vista. Curro 11/05/2016
To hearing mom trying not to cry in bed after dad just disappeared. To my two only best friends who attempted suicide and left me all alone to go through hell. To my amazing uncle who lost to cancer, and to Sydney who tried to blow her brains out because the bullies were finally to much. I loved you
Last year in August early in the morning i lost one of my grandma's on my step dads side.I'll never forget it I was watching tv and my mom came out and told me she had passed away right then and there.She was fighting Alzheimer's but lost the good fight... :( she also had fought cancer and beat it.
This dedication is for my mother, who is the strongest person that I know. Your so brave, I Love you mom
I lost a loved one not long ago. I could never get the courage to tell her how I really felt. I let the opportunity slip through my fingers and now she's gone forever....
I lost my friend about five months ago. I'm so sorry that our last moments together were so short. I was so stupid. You wanted the end. Why do I hate you?..
my loved and Dear Dad. I really miss you and I want to say a lot ... I'm sorry that you're not next to me ... but I'm glad that I have such a awesome angel ... it would be better if this angel protects me in this world, and did watched from heaven...
I'm so sorry for everything I said to you. I just want you to know that I loved you and I still do. Your death was unecpexted so I couldn't say goodbye. I hope we will see again. I love you grandmom.
To my dear great grandfather who lost his life to lung cancer...May your soul forever live on!
Grandpa, I think of u every day. Even now its hard for me to understand that you've gone. Im so sorry, I saw u only a month a year. I didnt tell u that I love u & I blame myself for it. I want to see u again. But its too late. I miss u & love u so much. U're in my heart forever, my fallen an
Everything ends, enjoy your life Todo termina, disfruta tu vida
this dedication is 4 1 of my many falling angels but he didnt pass away but died in my heart & broke me to pieces it all happened when i wentto the hospital becase ofcutting & when i go back he had another gf that killed me we ended & i acted like f i was ok but i wasnt i stil love him p
William this is my second derivation I wish u would stop your addiction of weed and video games and realize what u have in front of u I love u babe but you're loosing me give me a reason to stay
For one person that make me smile and cry. Ojalá estuvieras aquí.
To the amazing David Bowie We all love and miss you
RIP my beautiful angels. Aunt Lisa loves you both. Until we meet again...
Three weeks ago today we lost our mother to alcohol. Addiction is a very sad thing! She left behind 3 kids and 2 grandkids who love and miss her very much. When I heard this song I cried because I miss her so very much. Rest in paradise mom, we love and miss you!
I feel sorry for Mitch Lucker who passed away 5 years ago, I've never really knew the band until someone mentioned his death, poor guy. 01.11.12 - RIP
I was so stupid to not visit you, I was foolish to not go to your funeral and now I'm regretting it so much. I screwed up and I wish I could tell you how sorry I am, you were a wise, kind and all around amazing person, I miss you and I truly am sorry I didn't visit or call.
Grandma, I'm so sorry that I didn't make more time to visit you. I wish I had. I never realized that you meant way more to me than I originally thought and I feel terrible that you're gone now, maybe someday I'll be able to visit you again...
I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Now you're gone and I can't get you back, even though I would give my own life to do so.
I miss you so much... Please come back... I love you Abril and my godfather u-u we always are in my heart (7/8/13)(9/8/12) I never Forget you!
My mother is my FALLEN ANGEL. Her father was abusive and was never really there. But that never bothered her. When my brother and I were taken away from her she had went through hell. She keeps fighting through it and never gives up. Even though I never see that often, she is still my fallen angel.